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Me too happened to me with an order for my kawasaki, page 267 USD, I send mail, call, send fax no answer, also claimed through their website and do not respond, are thieves adema brand representatives will say we should warn these to take action

"Thank you for placing an order with Motogrid.

Your order number is #48251

We are currently in the process of completing your order. Motogrid ships

Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm CST. Orders placed after 11:00 am

or on the weekend will be processed on the next business day.

If the product ordered is not on backorder and all billing information

is verified with your credit card company, shipment will usually occur

within 3 business days. However, parts may arrive to our warehouse from

a number of different warehouses throughout the United States, which may

delay the shipment an additional 2 business days. When an item on your

order has been released for shipment, a shipping confirmation email will

be sent with the carrier and shipment information. For any additional

questions regarding your order please contact Order Status,

via e-mail at


Bill To:

jorge alejandro Gonzalez Reyes (CL137X14684N)

7801 NW 37th Street Doral,

MIAMI, FL 33161


Phone: 305 592 0839


Ship To:

jorge alejandro Gonzalez Reyes (CL137X14684N)

7801 NW 37th Street Doral,

MIAMI, FL 33161


Phone: 305 592 0839

1 of 42041-0087 - Kawasaki - SPROCKET-HUB,46T @$51.62ea.

1 of 92057-0163 - Kawasaki - CHAIN,DRIVE,DID520VP2X114L @$154.59ea.

1 of 92058-0018 - Kawasaki - JOINT-CHAIN,DRIVE @$7.89ea.

1 of 13144-0024 - Kawasaki - SPROCKET-OUTPUT,15T,#520 @$25.93ea.

Subtotal: $240.03

Shipping: $21.79 via UPS Ground

Estimated Delivery: 5/26/14 - 5/29/14

Sales Tax: $0.00

Total Amt: $261.82

1-877-MOTOGRID We are Available for On-Line ordering 24/7

Joliet, IL 60435


Monetary Loss: $267.

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I am the owner and President of We have been in the power sports business for over 35 years!

All of the parts ordered and paid for by Barradas-Figueira, Danny Manuel were ordered on May19th and re orderd with the manufacture on May 20th. All the parts were shipped to the customer of record in less than one week. All of the parts were delivered AND SIGNED FOR on June 4th. We do not accept any inquiries from a person NOT responsible for ordering the parts or paying for them.

That is illegal. So, parts were ordered, parts were paid for and parts were delivered and accepted.

Another done deal just like the last 30,000 deals we've done in the past 35 years. We will not speak to anyone other than the person on record and paying for any parts according to privacy laws.

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